What is Chidori

Chidori is the core framework upon which Thousand Birds is built. It is open source and available on Github.

Chidori provides our core abstractions for building agent applications: a reactive database, simple wrappers for common agent operations, and SDKs for authoring agents in multiple languages. It also includes simple tools for manipulating and visualizing the internal state of the agent.

Why Choose Chidori over another framework?

There are loads of alternatives when it comes to building agent applications. Chidori is differentiated by by its focus on simplicity, performance and security.

LangChain, LlamaIndex, etc. are all great frameworks, but they are designed more generically and are weighed down by their architectures.

Why Open Source

We believe that the best software is built in the open. Being able to tear open and look at what's running to debug and understand deeply the internal workings of the system is a huge advantage. We want to build a community of developers who can help us build the best possible framework for building agent applications.

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